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What's Inside 

Aerial Yoga Life?

This 30 Day Course is designed to help Aerial Yoga Beginners build their strength, knowledge, and confidence on the hammock so they can learn more advanced poses and flows. 

The course has over 40 hours of video content (150+ videos) and new content is being added every month.


You receive a new class every day as follows:

Days 1-14 | Aerial Yoga Bootcamp


Days 1 to 14 of the course focus on specific strength-building exercises, which form the foundation of your aerial yoga practice. This means you'll learn new poses and flows quickly. 

You will have a brand new class every single day, including:

  • 6x Strength Building Classes
  • 2x HIIT Training Classes
  • 2x Yoga Mat Classes
  • 4x Restorative Classes

      = 14 Days

Days 15-30 | Aerial Yoga Skills


In Days 15 to 30, you will focus on developing technique, learning new poses, introducing inversions, transitions, and more. This means you'll then have the strength, skills, and the knowledge to master advanced poses and design your own flows!

You will have brand new classes every single day, including:

  • 8x Skills Training Classes
  • 2x HIIT Training Classes
  • 4x Restorative Classes
  • 2x Yoga Mat Classes

      = 16 Days

On the Skills Class days, you will have additional videos available. This is the breakdown:

  • 1x 10-15min Warm-Up Class
  • 1x 5-10min Full Aerial Yoga Class
  • Separate Tutorial videos for each pose covered in the air sequence class

What Are The Class Types?

Low Hammock Restorative Classes

You'll find restorative and therapeutic classes included throughout the course, which means you’ll have more energy and feel stronger when you go back to your strength and skills days!

Yoga Mat Classes

You'll also find mat yoga classes included, so that you can build the complimentary “push” muscles such as your chest and triceps, as well as improve your body alignment, which means your aerial yoga practice will improve even quicker!

But Wait, There's More...

Join today and get the additional BONUSES...

Extensive Pose Library With Over 80+ Poses

You'll always be able to gain inspiration for poses to use in your own flows... Which means you'll become a creative master on the aerial hammock!

Direct Access to an Experienced Aerialist

You'll always have Jess as your mentor throughout the program and beyond... Which means you never have to worry about feeling stuck or unsure how to tackle a particular pose or flow.

Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

You'll connect with like-minded aerialists who share a love for aerial yoga, and also understand the struggles... which means you'll make new friends and be supported by a close knit community!


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to Aerial Yoga Life
  • 150+ Videos / 40 hours of content
  • Access to ALL Future Content
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Access to Exclusive Community
  • Free Pose Tutorial Cheatsheets
  • Uplift Active Discounts

"I have more creativity, flexibility, strength and I feel more graceful and confident in my moves!"

Claudia Crutel

"I can see definition in certain muscle groups, that I've never seen before, which is really cool!"

Diana McAllister

"For somebody that's thinking about taking the course, I say it's totally worth the investment! I feel much more confident after doing it for 25 days!"

Heidi Cain

"I think 25 days is perfect. And what I like is that you can always come back. I always tell my friends - please try that! Its so good, she’s very good!"

Zheni Espana

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Unlimited Access to Aerial Yoga Life




Unlimited Access to Aerial Yoga Life


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 150+ Videos / 40 hours of content
  • Access to ALL Future Content
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Access to Exclusive Community
  • Access to Regular Live Classes
  • Free Pose Tutorial Cheatsheets
  • Uplift Active Discounts

No worries at all! Once you purchase, you have a lifetime membership to the course, so you're able to begin when it suits you best! 

Also, while there is a 30 Day structure to follow, you can also pick and choose which days you'd like to do!

We use secure onsite payment processing and accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit and debit cards.

We also accept PayPal.

Yes! I have designed this course with beginners to the aerial hammock in mind. Everything you learn and do on the hammock is made to be progressive. This is why we spend the first 14 days focusing on building strength. Then each new skills day is made to be a building block upon the last one. I feel like this is the perfect learning environment for all experience levels on the hammock as we easily forget what we have learnt in class and realistically should spend a lot more time repeating each pose before moving on, especially when we are starting out. It’s a lot of information to take in and breaking it down with a lifetime membership attached is just so conducive to your learning experience on the hammock.

I have a lot of teachers who have joined the course and raved about the incredible inspiration for their own classes, guidance on cueing and has deepened there own practice on the hammock (I know how important and powerful it is to fill up your own cup with doing what you love for yourself and not others every now and then). This course touches all the points that aerial yoga teachers need to continue learning and being inspired for there students; community, mentorship, pose breakdowns, professionally thought out classes and flows.

As a more experienced aerial yoga practitioner myself, I know what it feels like to forget what it’s like to be a beginner to the hammock and it is a difficult thing in general to break down the movements that eventually become second nature to your own practice. This course is aimed at beginners to aerial yoga which means everything I am teaching is going to be useful for everyone, no matter your experience level.

In saying that, if you are currently at an advanced level in your practice and doing a lot of drops or wraps, and are expecting to learn advanced poses or flows, then this course may not be for you. I do offer more challenging poses and flows in my monthly series classes which are a lot of fun and are also progressive.


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