"How To Flow Like a

Professional Aerialist"

(In As Little As 30 Days)

Introducing the...

Aerial Yoga Life 30 Day Course

30 Days of Daily Classes to skyrocket your confidence and give you hundreds of poses without the overwhelm!

You’ll learn how to:

• Build the strength you need for a successful practice.
(No more heartache when you don’t nail a pose in class!)

• Avoid the most common misalignments to feel safe and secure while training.
(No more confusion when practicing by yourself at home!)

• Boost your skill knowledge with pose tutorial building blocks for more advanced future practice.
(No more failed attempts at Instagram poses!)

• Develop focus & passion for your practice that is sustainable.
(No more walking past your hammock guiltily!)

"The perfect series for all aerial yoga addicts, from beginners to professional aerial yoga teachers looking for accessible, high-quality classes and tutorials!"

Kari Breker

"I highly recommend this course because it helps you learn and grow from the basics as well as advancing your practice. I was able to instruct soon after starting the course due to the great content and instructions given! The videos are in great detail and Jess is so helpful answering any questions you have. There is also new content and the ability to look back at old content. The price is FAR under the value you receive, forever grateful for her and this learning opportunity!"

What's Inside the Aerial Yoga Life Course?

30-Day Progressive Class Series (Value $497)

Instantly access aerial yoga classes organized into a progressive 30-Day Calendar. The first two weeks are focused on building strength and hammock-body awareness. The following 2.5 weeks focus on building your skill knowledge, where you’ll learn specific poses and how to flow them together.

PDF Pose Guides (Value $97)

Do you struggle to memorize the poses & sequences you learned in class? These PDF Pose Guides are the answer to your memorization prayers! They break down both poses AND sequences, so you never have to rewatch an entire class to remember what you’ve learned so far!

30-Day Calendar (Value $27)

A super stylish tool to keep you focused & motivated! Stay in control of exactly where you are throughout the course! You’ll proudly display it in your aerial yoga space as you check off every day you complete!

Self Assessment Checklist

(Value $27)

This powerful checklist will show you exactly how much progress you’ve made by the end of the course! It will take you through flexibility, strength, and posture awareness exercises that you’ll record at the start and end of the course.

Ongoing Personal Support & Feedback (Value Priceless)

Get direct access to me for feedback and support throughout your course journey! This includes answering your questions, providing direction, and giving you personal video feedback on your practice!

BONUS: 80+ Pose Tutorial Library (Value $197)

Stay inspired to keep getting on your hammock after the 30-Day Course with over 80 video pose tutorials organized into hammock placement, so you can quickly start creating your own flows (just like the pros!).

BONUS: Exclusive AYL Community Access (Value $67)

A safe place to get to know the other members in the course, share your success and ask questions. Here I'll also announce challenges, new content, and live classes!

BONUS: Intro to Aerial Yoga Series (Value $97)

I created this Intro series to answer ALL your burning questions! Whether that's how to tie your hammock, rigging, the benefits of aerial yoga, the most common injuries, and more!

BONUS: Offering Discounts (10%+ Off Select Products)

Save money on your practice with exclusive discounts to aerial yoga hammocks, rigging & more!

Tarryn Lambert

“Jess is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Her course is well thought out and helps you gain confidence and strength through a variety of drills and classes. She’s able to take her background in yoga to find supportive poses with your hammock but also teach you to mindfully dance through more complex poses. I haven’t seen another instructor in yoga hammock like her on the market and I’d highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning about this craft.

The Aerial Yoga Master Course to Flow Like a Pro

• 30-Day Progressive Class Series (Value $497)

• PDF Pose Guides (Value $97)

• 30-Day Calendar (Value $27)

• Self Assessment Checklist (Value $27)

• Ongoing Support & Feedback (Value priceless)

BONUS: 80+ Pose Tutorial Library (Value $197)

BONUS: Exclusive AYL Community Access (Value $67)

BONUS: Introduction to Aerial Yoga Series (Value $97)

BONUS: Offering Discounts (10%+ Off Select Products)

$1,000+ VALUE



Miriam Patel

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in aerial yoga. Jess is a goldmine of information, creativity, and sincerity. She has transformed my practice as well as the classes I give. Her instructions are on point, and her explanations are thorough. Everything about her style resonates with me on a soul level."

The Aerial Yoga Life Guarantee!

I promise that you CAN do this.

But the best part is... you don’t even have to believe me!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course and all the bonuses within 30 days, I will offer you a full refund for any reason.

That means you can enroll today and don’t have to decide if you’re in for good!

Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of the course and then make a decision using the information you have rather than the information you don’t!


Payment Plan

3x $109

3x Monthly Payments

  • 30-Day Progressive Class Series

  • 150+ Videos / 40 Hrs of Content

  • Access to FUTURE Videos

  • PDF Pose Guide Downloads

  • 30-Day Calendar

  • Self Assessment Checklist

  • Ongoing Personal Support & Feedback

  • 30-Day Refund Policy

  • BONUS: 80+ Pose Tutorial Library

  • BONUS: Exclusive AYL Community Access

  • BONUS: Introduction to Aerial Yoga Series

  • BONUS: Aerial Yoga Discounts (10%+ Off)

One Time Payment


Best Value

  • 30-Day Progressive Class Series

  • 150+ Videos / 40 Hrs of Content

  • Access to FUTURE Videos

  • PDF Pose Guide Downloads

  • 30-Day Calendar

  • Self Assessment Checklist

  • Ongoing Personal Support & Feedback

  • 30-Day Refund Policy

  • BONUS: 80+ Pose Tutorial Library

  • BONUS: Exclusive AYL Community Access

  • BONUS: Introduction to Aerial Yoga Series

  • BONUS: Aerial Yoga Discounts (10%+ Off)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required?

You will receive new classes/videos for all 30 days, up to 60mins in length, depending on the day. Generally you will want to put aside 30-60mins per day towards the course, though I'd recommend pausing and repeating steps throughout the classes in order to make the absolute most of them! So this may add a little more time each day.

Do you offer teacher training for aerial yoga?

I currently do not! But I am looking to provide teacher trainings in the future!

Is there a community included with this product?

Yes! You’ll access the Exclusive AYL Community, and by the way - many of my current students tell me this one of their favorite things from the course! 🙂

Can I use this towards my yoga alliance CED hours?

Yes! Email me [email protected] for your receipt and extra details if you’d like to use this program towards your CED hours.

How long can I access the course for?

You have access to everything in this bundle for life!

I'm an aerial yoga teacher/expert. How would this course help me?

This class series will benefit ANYONE with a hammock. For my fellow teachers, you’ll be accessing a goldmine of pre-prepared sequences that you can start incorporating into your own classes right away!

I've studied aerial yoga already, how is this different?

I believe you can learn something new from every teacher. I am very good at breaking down poses and cueing my students through sequences so that they have huge success in their practice. A lot of other online teachers don’t have the video and sound quality and teaching experience I offer. I can almost 100% guarantee you’re going to learn or do something that no other training has ever provided.

I want to buy the course now, but I won't have time to start yet...

No worries at all! Once you purchase, you have a lifetime membership to the course, so you can begin when it suits you best!

Also, while there is a 30 Day structure to follow, you can also pick and choose which days you'd like to do!

How fast can I see results?

You’ll feel the results as soon as you complete your first class.

Is this a teacher training?

No! This is not teacher training! This is created to dive into your own practice.

Is everything available immediately?

Yes! Upon signing up, you'll have INSTANT access to all course lessons, PDFs, videos, and resources!

Can I share this with a friend?

No, this program is for single access only.

What if it's not what I expect?

I honor a 30-day policy for refunds! If you’re not happy with the program or materials for any reason, reach out to me, and I’ll process a refund for your right away, no questions asked.

Have you had successful students complete the course?

Yes! Many of my students have LOVED this program and highly recommend it to all of their aerial friends, teachers, and studios!

Do I need to have experience in aerial yoga in order to do the classes offered in the course?

Yes and No. I’ve designed the classes to be majority all-level experience and as accessible as possible. That being said, it is also self-paced for the students who do need to spend a little extra time on a particular pose or exercise or want to skip ahead to a particular class style, e.g., restorative, HIIT flows, etc.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck throughout the course?

You can always reach me at [email protected] for any support or questions you might have! If you’re having trouble in a particular pose, please send me a video of you attempting it, and I will reply with a personalized video message back.

Quinn Laird

“Found the course I was looking for! When quarantine started, I was looking for a way to stay active at home. I purchased a rig but was having difficulty finding inspiration for practice. I came across Aerial Yoga Life on Instagram and practiced with Jess for her live morning ritual class. I love her teaching style, her specific anatomical cueing, and her creativity! The online course is well organized and helps build strength and confidence in your aerial practice. I like that I can complete the course at my own pace and come back to videos for reference. The pose tutorials are particularly helpful."

Rebecca Hamilton

“Jess has been a constant source of accessible instruction along my aerial journey! She challenges you while also making the moves accessible for beginners and providing helpful conditioning drills that don't feel like miserable repetitions but rather fun, dance flows! Jess has elevated and connected my practice in more ways than I can count! She is also very engaged in the community and offer support and praise through social media! I wish I could hug her IRL one day!"

Are You Ready to Feel Confident and Graceful On Your Hammock?!

Listen, you know that you're passionate about Aerial Yoga.

You also know that something just hasn't been clicking lately. You hate avoiding your hammock and feeling guilty for not practicing more often. You thought this would be the answer to all your exercise dreams. Well, it's time to stop being overwhelmed and wasting your time. 

Your dream of creating a fulfilling exercise routine with aerial yoga CAN be a reality!

Imagine opening your laptop, skipping the search engine scrolls, and going straight into a predesigned class for you. No thinking. No overwhelm. Just the exact resources you need to succeed in your aerial yoga practice!

Let's get started!

XO Jess

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