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Discover the story behind our passion for aerial yoga and our commitment to helping others embrace this transformative practice.

Meet the Founder

Hello, I'm Jess, the founder of Aerial Yoga Life! My journey with aerial yoga began in 2007 when I tried an aerial silks class at the Woodford Folk Festival. I was instantly hooked and spent the next few years training in Lyra and pole fitness.

However, life got busy. I found myself studying full-time at university and working part-time jobs. My regular workout routine fell by the wayside, and I found myself feeling stressed, lethargic, and unmotivated.

Everything changed in 2017 when I stumbled upon an aerial yoga class while traveling in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The passion reignited, and I found myself feeling energized, confident, and healthy again. I realized the importance of having passion in your training and began sharing my journey with the aerial yoga community on Instagram.

As I connected with others, I realized there was a gap in pose knowledge for both teachers and students. That's why I created Aerial Yoga Life - to share everything I've learned and help others access and learn aerial yoga from anywhere.

Over the years, I've completed 300 hours of teacher training in both aerial yoga and yoga, coached students one-on-one and online, and trained extensively in health science. I'm also a trained homeopath and kinesiologist, which has given me a deep understanding of the human body and psyche. In a nutshell, I've learned what it takes to build a solid foundation for aerial yoga and how to continually improve your practice.

Our Mission

At Aerial Yoga Life, our mission is to make aerial yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or experience level. We believe in the transformative power of aerial yoga to build strength, flexibility, and confidence. Through our expert-led courses, community, and resources, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to embrace this practice and experience its life-changing benefits.

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